Mike Kobeissi

Mike Kobeissi is a successful real estate agent in La Canada Flintridge with extensive knowledge of the area and expert deal-making skills. He is also known for his passion for cars and hosting community events centered around them.

Aside from his involvement as a sponsor for rally racing and his love of exotic vehicles, he also hosts an event called Cars and Coffee at his office in La Canada Flintridge.

A well-designed office can help you focus better, create a welcoming environment and increase productivity. That’s why Kobeissi Properties has created an inviting office space that evokes Mediterranean cafe vibes.

The office is a place where clients can relax, enjoy coffee and interact with Kobeissi and his staff. He also uses the space to host community events such as mixers for the La Canada Flintridge Chamber of Commerce.

As a real estate broker, Mike Kobeissi believes that his success is based on personal interaction with clients. He says that he is able to provide the best service by meeting and exceeding expectations in a number of ways.

He notes that he runs his business like a family, focusing on building relationships with each and every client. In fact, his wife Sandy and son Mikey work at Kobeissi Properties. Whether a client is searching for an estate in La Canada Flintridge or a high-end exotic sports car, Kobeissi will be there to assist them.

One of the most enjoyable parts of working at Kobeissi Properties is the plethora of opportunities to socialize with colleagues. It's a hive of activity in the oversized front office where a wide array of personalities rub shoulders with one another on a regular basis.

Aside from a bevy of opulent offices, this La Canada Flintridge gem also boasts a shimmering pool and spa. An attached two-car garage, a spacious kitchen and an indoor laundry round out this must see home. It's not a secret that Mike Kobeissi has a fondness for motor vehicles, which is demonstrated by his many exotic car displays. But the best part is that he's able to share it with his clients by hosting monthly events such as the grand oleo. In fact, he's got a real clever name for it: the Kobeissi Cars and Coffee. The best way to check it out is to swing by and say hello.

When it comes to real estate, there isn’t much that Mike Kobeissi doesn’t know. His extensive knowledge of the La Canada Flintridge market and marketing prowess have led him to become one of the area’s top producers. In addition, he runs a business that is a family-like affair. His wife Sandy and son Mikey also work in the company and this familial style is reflected in their interactions with clients as well as their decor.

In fact, it is this familial flair that has helped Kobeissi make his name in the local community. It’s no surprise, then, that he is also known for his love of cars. He sponsors a rally racing car, and hosts a monthly event called Cars and Coffee, where car enthusiasts can share their stories, admire some of the coolest cars around, and sip on some of the finest coffee in town. Be sure to check it out!

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