Mike Kobeissi

About Me

Mike Kobeissi has been one of the most reputable real estate agents in La Canada Flintridge for over two decades. Kobeissi's name is synonymous with the La Canada Flintridge real estate market due to his attention to detail and dedication to providing top-tier services to clients of all sizes.

Kobeissi hosts extraordinary community events in his spare time and shares his passion for all types of automobiles, especially exquisite sports cars and luxury vehicles.

Current responsibilities

Mike Kobeissi is in charge of the multimillion-dollar real estate company Kobeissi Properties. Kobeissi Properties assists those interested in selling, purchasing, renovating, or constructing a new residence. As a design master, Kobeissi also adds an expert aesthetic touch to properties.

During his 25 years in the industry, Kobeissi has been a fixture in the La Canada Flintridge real estate market and has amassed expert knowledge of local properties. In addition, his skill at negotiating makes his business a sought-after entity in the local real estate market.

Career Record

Mike Kobeissi's path to real estate was relatively short. Still, it required him to navigate a new country and rely on the charismatic personality that buyers and sellers continue to admire today.

Kobeissi was born and raised in Lebanon, but his parents emigrated to California to escape the destruction of war and provide a better life for their children. Kobeissi was 18 years old and immediately began working at Ralph's Grocery in La Canada upon their arrival.

Kobeissi was able to transition into local real estate through an entry-level position at Jim Dickson's real estate firm due to his hard work and commitment to building personal connections. Dickson became Kobeissi's mentor, and the aspiring agent quickly obtained his real estate license while acquiring superior industry and local market knowledge. As a result, Kobeissi rose quickly to the top. He has remained a top producer in La Canada Flintridge for over 25 years by understanding his client's needs and exceeding their expectations.

Qualifications and Experience

For long-term success in real estate, an award-winning personality is crucial. A real estate agent must be able to connect with clients personally to discover their requirements and desires for a new home. When selling, the same care must also be taken. A leading real estate agent helps individuals realize their dreams through seamless buying or selling.

Other agents in his employ speak Chinese and Korean, whereas Kobeissi also speaks Arabic, making it easier for him to communicate with Middle Eastern clients. As the population of La Canada Flintridge becomes more diverse, the ability to communicate with clients in multiple languages becomes increasingly important and contributes to an elevated and more comfortable buying experience.

Mike Kobeissi's professional expertise extends to the design, where he assists existing properties in becoming tomorrow's hottest properties. By renovating, decorating, and staging a home or investment property with care, prospective buyers are better able to visualize its potential.
Buyers and sellers get a glimpse of this when they visit the Kobeissi Properties' Mediterranean-inspired headquarters. Stunning artwork, one-of-a-kind architecture with old-world charm, and classic furniture create an enticing blend of the extravagant and familiar. In contrast, Kobeissi's one-of-a-kind sports car displays add a touch of glamour.

Philanthropy and Charitable Participation

Mike Kobeissi is a highly involved member of the La Canada Flintridge community who hosts several well-attended community-building events.
Cars and Coffee is one of the most popular ventures at Kobeissi Properties. On the first Saturday of every month, a vast assortment of luxury, vintage, and exotic automobiles take center stage, with enthusiasts exchanging car anecdotes and gaining ideas for future purchases. The public is invited to attend and share refreshments at the monthly gathering.

Successes and Accomplishments

Kobeissi is proud to have achieved the status of the top producer in the La Canada Flintridge real estate market more than 25 years ago and to have maintained it ever since.

Throughout his career, he has assisted in selling hundreds of multimillion-dollar homes. In 2018, he completed the highest-priced real estate transaction in the history of his city with the sale of Senator Frank Putnam Flint's former $11 million estate. He is devoted to the local community and assisting others in realizing their hopes and dreams by purchasing the ideal property.

Personal Hobbies and Interests

As evidenced by a quick tour of Kobeissi Properties' headquarters and his Cars and Coffee event, Mike Kobeissi has a strong passion for automobiles. From one-of-a-kind sports cars to vintage luxury vehicles, his collection is a vast and impressive display of the finest examples of automobile engineering and design.

Among the unique features he has incorporated into his professional headquarters is a garage with Ferrari-inspired paint, elevated platforms for impressive displays, and storage options. In addition, built-ins hold maintenance necessities, tools, and memorabilia of his preferred models.

Kobeissi is also very active in the local Chamber of Commerce and frequently hosts community events at his home or office.

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